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The Outlier
  • The Outlier

    Guadalupe Ruins are the easternmost set of ruins discovered by archeologists in New Mexico. This site stands alone in it's eastern placement in the Chacoan World, as most outlining Chacoan pueblos are located in the north, south & west. 

    This 'Outlier' site is a single-story masonary peublo situated on an isolated sandstone mesa rising nearly 200 feet above the valley floor, with a majestic view of Cabezon Peak. The ruin consists of at least 39 rectangular rooms and 7 semi-subterranean kivas and is estimated to have been built between 900-1000 A.D. 


    Captured during the total lunar eclipse (blood moon), November, 2022. 


    Location: Rio Piuerco Valley/Cabezon Wilderness Area, NM  


    Available Sizes:

    • Standard Sizes All Mediums: 12x18, 16x24, 20x30.

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